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Novotipo Europa, S.A. is certified to full NP EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Our differentiation strategy based on Quality, defined by our Management Board and fully assumed by all of us, has allowed for the appreciation of our human assets and by the continuous adoption of improvement opportunities identified across the organization.

In order to meet the growing challenges our customers pose us, we are working towards certification according to BRC/IOP standards.


Health and Safety at Work

Novotipo Europa, S.A. is certified to full OHSAS 18001:2009 standards.

At Novotipo Europa, S.A. our day-to-day priority is the safety of our customers and their consumers, and the wellbeing of our workers.

Health and safety are fundamental issues for our business, so we work hard to comply with all legal requirements and are always looking to achieve the highest working standards.


Good Manufacturing Practices

We understand the quality and safety of the folding cartons we convert are fundamental for the success of our mutual business.

The industrial processes at Novotipo Europa, S.A. are organized in a way as to ensure the conformity of the packaging we produce with our customers' requirements.

By adopting an embracing set of Good Manufacturing Practices, our folding cartons and micro-corrugated cardboard cartons comply with all current migration, organoleptic change, and contamination standards.

This is achieved not only by the criterious use of specific raw materials and printing techniques, but also with our customer's involvement towards conformity of their packaging, by supplying relevant data and using it for the end they were developed for.