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Integrity, professionalism, and competence are of paramount importance when working with pharmaceutical packaging. With a long working relationship with the Pharmaceutical Industry, Novotipo Europa, S.A. is up to its most stringent requirements.

We offer a wide range of folding cardboards that are most adequate for the high performance packaging lines available to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Various printing and finishing possibilities are available, such as printing over metalized cardboard, applying in-line UV-varnish, and Braille-text embossing.

Code Reading equipment is used, ensuring line segregation by eliminating any incorrect or poor quality prints from the production cycle. And we also work closely with our customers in the introduction of anti-counterfeiting measures in their packaging providing high levels of protection for their brand and products.

We work closely with our customers, integrating easily into their existing supply chain management and offering the most efficient and cost-effective production, storage, and delivery solutions.